Jismy Maria Sunny - Selected for The Social Hackathon 5.0

Jismy is a post graduation student in Pondicherry Central University. She aspires to become a social volunteer with social consciousness and an empathetic heart. She has worked as NSS volunteer in school and college level.


I would like to work with the topic domestic violence in the time of pandemic faced by women


We like to conduct an awareness about the issue by using statistics, datas and all.


Because many people are not aware about domestic violence. It may be physical or mental. We should have a clear idea about it.


Domestic violence against women during pandemic


During pandemic, most people are forced to work from their homes. During these period, the violence against women have increased. This may be mental and physical. We would like to address these issues, create awareness among people, and find remedies for it.


  • Firstly, it can create a basic awareness among us. Because most often we are ignorant about these issues. Also, it would be helpful to the ones who are facing these issues to come out from that.


  • GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

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