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Ishaan Sudan - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

Ishaan Sudan is a 24-year-old based out of New Delhi, India. He has been engaged in volunteering activities through Leo's International since 2018 and is looking forward to the Multiple-District President leading 3000+ members. For his team's impactful projects targeting gender, peace, hunger and education, like 'PeaceBuilder's Unite' & 'Kaagaz Kalam' he has also received varied awards and recognition including the prestigious Diana Award 2019 and Duke of Edinburgh Award. He is also a Kectil Fellow and a GGI policy fellow. Alongside volunteering, he is also developing a vegan leather good startup that focuses on driving profitability with sustainability along with tackling a full-time job. In his own words, he continues to find fulfilment in helping to create a more sustainable, equitable and sensitive society - one that works towards highlighting the most intrinsic quality in us all - our humanity.


To me, volunteering is about giving a voice to those that can’t speak for themselves (environment) and giving a platform to those who can (marginalised groups). Volunteering compels us to push beyond our comfort zone and confront the realities of our society. Helping to create a positive impact brings with it a deep sense of fulfilment - a volunteer’s fuel. Volunteering isn’t just about what we, as educated, privileged people can give to society but also how we can learn from the world.


I have volunteered for nearly 6 years, starting as a college student and now, as a working professional. My childhood was very sheltered, and I was protected from the world’s vulnerabilities. However, during college, through the National Service Scheme club, I was exposed to the lack of resources, safety and stability that many still struggle with. Interacting with people in low-income communities and experiencing their optimism despite overwhelming hardships is what inspired me to do better.


I started my volunteering journey with Hindu College's National Service Scheme in 2016, where I taught Maths, English and Science to Govt school children. I deeply cherished working with and helping children understand new concepts. My students' willingness to learn, despite limited opportunities and often unwelcoming home lives, greatly inspired me. Consecutively, I volunteered with New Delhi's WWF on their environmental projects. These platforms helped me kickstart Delhi University's first-ever university-wide youth social service organisation, Leo Club, DU. I led the team from 18 to 150 members and within a year of our inception we were able to impact 45,000 people through volunteering activities targeting community issues like education, hunger, sustainability and health. Through volunteering, I evolved from a shy teenager to an initiator and change-maker. Aiming to increase my impact in our community, I contested and was elected as Leo District President 2020-21, leading 1200+ members across 4 Indian states. Together, my team and I were able to help 60,00,000 + people through 450+ volunteering activities. I was able to channel the learnings from my professional space to further our initiative and mentor other young change-makers. To me, volunteering will always remain a powerful experience that has helped me cultivate patience, learn to collaborate with like-minded, driven individuals globally, and given me the happiness of creating a positive impact in my community. This year, I'm continuing my volunteer journey as the Multiple-District President at Leo Club leading 3000+ volunteers along with which, I am also conceptualising a sustainable product startup that believes in driving profitability through an environment- conscious sensibility.

PROJECT Kaagaz Kalam

ORGANISATION Leo Club, District 321-A2


Kaagaz Kalam' (translates to "paper pen") was aimed at making education