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IDUKKI VARTHAKAL - The Incubated Project


Lack of opportunity for common people to raise their opinion/voice


Almost everyone in a community is being affected by this injustice. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be in major media to raise their concerns or issues to the public and to the government to find a solution. According to the book “How the Mass Media Really Work,” mainstream media contributes heavily to social order. It describes mass media as “the threads that hold the fabric of society together”. Also, the book analyses how mass media plays a role in social control. The way media reports certain events can control public opinion in a way that would shape the public’s reaction about these events. So this creates an inequality an injustice that common people has to suffer.


Though it might sometimes sound like an unintentional oversimplifying of the information provided for the public. The injustice that major media doing to the local communities are bigger than we think. The corporate world which controls today's mass media doesn't want to amplify the sound of the oppressed; The sound of the local community. So, they are trying to keep the people silent by giving a bunch of unwanted information to his doorstep. Now, in front of his eyes. So that they will keep shut.


  • Over dependency created by the major media.

  • Commercialization of news and information

  • Unethical involvement of corporates in media

  • Over influence of politicians in media


To solve this injustice of lack of opportunity of the common people to raise their opinion and problems to the public. we will address the root cause of over dependency created by the major media by creating a decentralized platform of the people, by the people and for the people.


  • Creating a decentralized Platform, for the people, by the people, of the people.