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Humans of Safe Places - The Incubated Project


Lack of access to empathetic and non-judgmental safe places in society


Oppressed and marginalized groups of the society are most affected like women, queer people, lower caste etc. It's important to address this injustice because people should have equal rights and access to safe places. By providing them an empathetic, non-judgmental safe place, we can help them to break the chains of societal stereotypes and stigmas.


Privileged people with power, Unaware Individuals, People who lack empathy and compassion, Discriminatory and abusive individuals. The behave this way due to remain in power and continue having privileges, Due to lack of social- emotional awareness, Lack of Empathy towards others


  • Unequal visibility to the issues of less privileged and oppressed

  • Stigma and Streotyping around various issues such as sexual abuse, mental health, etc

  • Lack of Social-Emotional

  • Awareness

  • Lack of empathy

  • Systematic Oppression in the form of sexism, racism, homophobia, etc


We address this injustice of lack of non-judgemental and empathetic safe places by creating a community that is Empathetic and non-judgmental and helps in spreading Social Emotional Awareness as well as Awareness about the social taboos


  • Community based discussion around various social issues

  • Social Emotional Awareness around social Stigmas

  • Sharing real stories and experiences of people around social taboos


  • Setting guidelines for safe places

  • Identifying social taboos

  • Select people who are willing to share their experiences and stories

  • Write and create stories by interviewing individuals

  • Post and share stories that are prepared to create impact

NAME OF TEAM: Humans of Safe places

TEAM MEMBERS: Shorya Mittal & Athul B

The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 5.0

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