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Horizon - The Incubated Project


Lack of quality education among the coastal communities.


The younger and eager minds are affected the most because of this injustice as they are denied of their basic quality education and further hampering their career due to the lack of information and reach with the outer world. It is important to address this injustice as we as a team feel that they are the younger buds that should be blooming into mighty colours and watering them at a very young age is of utter importance so as to instil curiousness into them so that they discover and explore opportunities.


This injustice is basically created by they themselves because of their lack of convenience and the underlying fact of lack of resource base to gather such relevant information and most importantly the society as well plays a crucial role . They behave this way as they aren't much aware about educations root importance and value that lies ahead.


The root causes of this injustice is we as a community as whole and the government as well : we never gave them a heed rather was busy looking onto our own growth! It's the duty of every citizen and the government to work for the fuller welfare of the society. Again, team Horizon says' it's not an obligation, rather one's own duty.


To overcome the injustice of Lack of quality education, we will address the lack of awareness and informational gap by disseminating campaigns and giving assistance to the aspirants for their future ahead.


  • Upliftment of the downtrodden.

  • Incremental Enrolment pace onto Higher Education

  • To see the younger generations coming out with flying colours within a span of time.

  • Youths Well versed with the outer world and ready to grasp opportunities.

  • Equity, quality and accessible education to all

  • To spark a pursuit of knowledge within them so that they question and stand up for their community for the atrocities they face!


  • Orientation Sessions

  • Career guidance

  • Assistance for admission procedures

  • Provision of competitive exam books.

  • Assistance for competitive exams

  • Pooling the course fund for the needy.

  • PSC registration



TEAM MEMBERS: Sneha Mathew & Arun Anil


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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