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The Youth lack a non judgemental space


This will affect everyone, especially the youngsters. There will be increased suicidal tendency among youth. Moreover, chances of being depressed are high. This would also confine youngsters to themselves and limited areas. As a result, the future would have an opinionless generation. It is the need of the hour to address this issue as this would not only limit the voices of the present generation but also the future generation. Everyone deserves to be heard.


We ourselves are causing this injustice indirectly by allowing such a trend to continue. People in general behave so as they are not really aware about the importance of mental well- being and the need for such a space. It is the stigmas related to mental health that is deep-rooted into their minds preventing them from expressing freely.


Lack of listening spaces is one of the major causes for this injustice. In addition, the limited concern or limited interest individuals have for mental well- being is yet another cause. To add on, the social stigmas prevailing in society paves the way for judgements and limits youngsters from expressing their mind. Moreover, the lack of social recognition for the need for such a nonjudgmental space exists. People are often not ready to accept and adapt to changes even if it is for a good cause.


To overcome the injustice of the youth lacking a non-judgemental space. We will address lack of listening spaces by establishing virtual and physical listening platforms.


  • To create accessible listening spaces virtually and physically

  • To train 20+ youth moderators

  • To provide a room for 500+ youth to express themselves freely.

  • To create a sustainable listening community.

  • To make the society aware about the importance of active listening.


  • Formation Team

  • Researching and designing

  • Call for moderators

  • Training

  • Onboarding

  • Call for participants

  • Establishing

  • Achieving target

  • Review



TEAM MEMBERS: Junide & Anagha Anil


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 2.0

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