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Harshad KP - Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

We have only one life so make it perfect. I think helping is the most powerful charity in the world. So I decided to spend my life in social activities and volunteering. I believe in the word “Do Your Duty That is Your Beauty”. Every person has different duty in his life, when he completes his duty that will reflect throughout his life.

VOLUNTEERING FOR ME Volunteering means

* Working for Society or for a good thing without expecting money

* spending time for the development of society in the field of arts sports culture education and such like things

* help for helpless people

* Emergency rescue work

* Hospitality works

* Work for tribals

* Work for youth development VOLUNTEERING STORY My volunteering life started from March 2019 by appointing as national youth volunteer in nehru yuva kendra malppuram in charge of areekode block coordinator. by the the 2 years of national youth volunteers work i learned that volunteering is the one of best thing to get more happiness in our life . When we are doing work for others we can see a small smile in their lips . its enough for my happiness VOLUNTEERING JOURNEY My volunteering life started from March 2019 by appointing as national youth volunteer in nehru yuva kendra malppuram in charge of areekode block coordinator. Initialy i dont know nothing about volunteering in that time kerala effected with flood disaster its heavily effected in malappuram district. In that situation i started a control room by connecting some whatspp gropus . that time in was youth coordinator of my block and i have a whatsapp group community of 150+ youth clubs. in each club have minimum 30 nums of members. so that was my first attempt in volunteering work i controlled more food supply rescue and cleaning work with help of 70 youth clubs from my block . they needed a coordinator to involve in rescue works i take that risk and connected highly flood effected area in malappuram district and collected list of help and each day gave task for whome ready to do rescue works collected food and cleaning kits from collecting points from collecting points medicines from health centers ,arranged warehouse for donation truck load storage and distributions from many districts. finally i gave chance to those 70 youth clubs to receive District collectors award for rescue workers. After that disaster i continued with that team in many volunteering works and joined many departments and NGO as volunteer and now working in the field of agriculture promotion work as a volunteer . I have a youtube channel Named Lets Farm around 18000 subscribers the intention of my channel is give publicity for youth farmers and make a platform to tell their success story while doing such promotion i believe that is a small support them .and a chance to share their product details and technical details to public and iam also working in the part of new agriculture technology hydroponics from past 1 year and this project was successful and today is our first harvest. we are ready to share that system into public which is soil less farming better in town areas and roof top farming. from thw earnings of youtube channel giving small supporting gift to them and trying for new project which is a mobile application for connecting with farmers and costumers. its a opportunity to sell product direct to customers it will help to high value for their crops. for that project we needed huge amount so making more expert and guest talks in my youtube channel related agriculture . from these videos expecting earning for that m dream project also doing fish farming and other small crops and by the basic of my experience now i am doing consulting work in agriculture with free service. initially i have more supporters around 3000 members from 150 youth clubs they are my supporters and beneficiaries now i am willing to do more volunteering work in agriculture field. Also working with UN V force volunteer, attended European union volunteers summit and completed training and working with kerala fire and rescue srivice civil defense team from last 1.5 years started covid works from initial stage and continuing that works now attended many covid campaigns and emergency works like blood collection , hospitality works sanitation work ,emergency medicine supply , dead body`related works. Also working with district child protection unit against child labor , drugs addiction and child marriage. this is my volunteering story

PROJECT Lets Farm Mobile application ORGANISATION Lets farm MISSION & VISSION I have a youtube channel named lets farm . its have around 18000 subscribers this channel started for support form farmers and promote agriculture in youth .by the channel revenue now i decided to start a mobile application. These application developing for connecting farmers with public people . It will help to direct selling of their agro product. we know that farmers getting only small amount of its original cost .so most of the people not interested in agricultural field so importing chemicals added farm products into kerala. its have only one solution that is give opportunity to sell product with good price i am assure that this app can connect farmers and costumers directly. By using my youttbe channel i can promote this app and by the channel revenue I can spend for making fund and maintenance charges PROJECT DESCRIPTION I like to include in my app

Slots for add advertisement of harvesting products and details