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Improper waste management


People of weaker economic section, Animals who Ingest waste, People without proper access to health care,Those who have to live near landfill and polluted water bodies.

With proper groundwork, effective plan and collaborations with public/govt/NGO etc the issue can be solved. Waste Management requires high priority in India as a huge margin of people deals with this issue on a daily basis.


Authority figures who don't prioritise this issue, major plastic producing MNCs in food/beverages/stationary industry, unaware people who do bad waste disposal practices etc. The issue is not sensational enough for people to bag votes, Great dependence on plastic for packaging and replacement/alternatives are not practical enough or economic for the company, General lack of awareness, People are helpless due to the lack of an effective waste management system that satisfies their requirements.


  • Overpopulation, ineffective recycling technology, inefficient collection and segregation of waste, lack of groundwork and maintenance , lethargic authorities.


To overcome the injustice of improper waste management in various community levels, We will address the initial collection and segregation process by incentivising the public to form better waste management practices.


  • To create an active community that prioritise and are concerned about waste management

  • To form effective waste management practices in focused communities(panchayat level)

  • To appreciate the peope who work for the community

  • To develop and maintain a waste management system that is effective in collecting and proper disposal of waste.


  • Approval and support from panchayat and govt authorities

  • Research the requirement of that community to create efficient plan

  • Creation of a user friendly app

  • Collaboration with other peace makers and other local NGOs

  • Creating awareness

  • Testing out in small communities

  • Develop and Improve

NAME OF TEAM: Ace gramline

TEAM MEMBERS: Athul suresh

The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 5.0

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