Godha Pranay Jain - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

I am Godha Pranay Jain, B.Tech (CSE) graduate. Currently, I am preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam. I am Founder and President of Socialised Society Servant. I represented my district at National Youth Parliament of 2019. I dream of building a Value Oriented Society. I want to fight against the VALUE CRISIS that exist today. I also wish to see a egalitarian Society, where disadvantaged people are Socially and Economically uplifted. I want to be a part of solution for Climate change as well.


We would like to work Climate Injustice and Gender Inequality


Through Awareness Campaigns, Through practical solutions like using and donating Environment Friendly products


Because, that impacts the Social Fabric negatively and acts as a hurdle in progress of society.

PROJECT Beat Plastic Pollution.


We primarily want to work and focus on fighting and eradicating, Single Use Plastic. So for that purpose, we want to distribute environment friendly products at cheap and affordable price to the customers.


  • We want our village to be plastic free village.


  • GOAL 13: Climate Action


Apply now for The Social HacKathon and receive $250 along with mentorship to put your ideas into action!

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