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Ganga P R - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

Ganga PR is a B.Tech civil engineering graduate from Govt. College of Engineering Kannur. She is an active volunteer of The Gulmohar Foundation and is so enthusiastic about social volunteering and deeply wish to be a changemaker. She looks forward to collaborate her engineering knowledge with social issues and create a sustainable world. She was an NSS volunteer in college level and actively participated in several programs. In school level she was a participant of scout and guide, and achieved Rajyapuraskar award. She really determined about her ideas and a strong desire to devolop that idea and implement in society.



It's been 6 years since UN adopted Sustainable development goals. Our student still studying about sustainable development instead of studying 'for' sustainable development. This curriculum fail to address waste management crisis and people's behaviour towards waste disposal. To tackle this abandonment, changes must be brought from grass root level in the form of "education for sustainable development (ESD)" that builds an environmentally responsible Individual for the future generation.



In order to bring up the change from grass root level, we must include ESD in school curriculum and provide alternate learning space in schools. Our children need to understand, ESD is for themselves and for their generation therefore we are creating a behaviour pattern in children that they will pass towards their parents, peer groups and their coming generation. The co-curricular course includes structured syllabus on sustainable development, community based activities, by engaging students, providing them positive motivation such as monetary rewards, grace marks etc. This whole course will be location specific and aiming towards short term goals to be covered in an educational year. Also, we plan to build eco-friendly alternate learning spaces in schools for children and gradually involving the community into it.



We are living in a world, that's degenerating continuously. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, we really don't think its healthy, and it will be much worse for our coming generation. Our society is well-educated but aren't aware of the need for sustainable development. This indicates the lack of seriousness given to environment in our current education system. In order to change this behaviour pattern and making them environmentally responsible, we only have one choice to educate them, educate them better.