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Fly with Wheels - The Incubated Project


Inadequacy of job opportunities among persons with disabilities.


Persons with disability and their families.

• In Kerala, state wide survey of person with disabilities that was undertaken by Kerala social security mission 2015, out of 22 types of disability, 32.89% where people with locomotive disorder. They are in big number and their willingness and ability to work is in favour, so itself it's important to address this injustice.


Society. They need consideration everywhere, that is while construction, we should make ramps which are wheelchair friendly, we have to gave equal importance to staircase and ramps. This is just an example. All are busy with their lives, they have no time for considering these peoples, also the prejudiced thought that pwd were not capable of doing things. Everyone shows sympathy instead of empathy. These are the reasons behind.


  • The stigma of olden era where differently abled people were kept Home

  • The Sympathy of parents and relatives towards the child’s health.

  • The mindset of people were differently abled cannot do a work sustained.

  • Lack of pwd friendly public infrastructures.


To solve the inadequacy of job opportunities among persons with disability,we will address the unemployment by providing technical skill developing courses


  • We will provide an involvement in society through providing basic technical courses and placements for pwd.


  • To avail permission from the community lead.

  • To find funding for the activities.

  • To conduct a volunteer drive.

NAME OF TEAM: Fly with Wheels

TEAM MEMBERS: Fathima Thasnim MK & Aysha Henna

The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 4.0

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