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Fatima Shiril Mohammed Haris - Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

Me, Fatima Shiril, 19 years, born in Qatar, studied until 7th standard in Ideal Indian School, Doha – Qatar. From 8th standard continued my studies in home town Thrissur, Kerala. I am the eldest of four siblings. My Dad, Mr. Mohamed Haris, a commerce post graduate, was working as a finance officer at Supreme Education Council – Doha, Qatar. My Mom, Nejila Haris, a commerce graduate, and she is my mentor and motivator in all means. Presently I am doing bachelor’s degree course in English Literature from Calicut University and BA Sociology for IGNOU. I am certified volunteer of the LEDBY Foundation and I have done some online courses from globally reputed institutions such as: University of Edinburg – Introduction to Philosophy, Imperial Collage, London – Creative Thinking, and still doing more courses. From the kindergarten itself I was participating in all events and activities of School. I was a very active team member eco-club in School. In my leadership, with the help of Parents’ Body, we built an aquaponics pond and garden. It was a wonderful blend art and science, an eco-friendly growth of plants and fish. I am a teenage member of local NGO called ASAR, i.e. Association for Social Activities and Research. ASAR with aim of inculcating exemplary leadership qualities in teenage students, organized a teenage students’ forum – Young Leaders. It was really my fortune, from the early age itself I got profound vision of the society I am living in. I got the privilege to attend many leadership training programs and to participate in lot of field activities conducted by ASAR. That really enabled me to take a leadership role in time natural calamity, the flood in Kerala in 2018 & 2019. Our teem collected dress and foodstuff for the relief camps. We soon realized that there are a lot of outfits doing the same work and their contribution is good enough and we don’t need to duplicate the same activities others are doing. We visited relief camps observed and studied the nature of relief camps and actual problems and sufferings of camp inmates. We learned that even though they are supplied with enough quantity of food, cloth, medicine, etc., they are in deep mental trauma that need to be addressed immediately. The kids in the camps were in pathetic condition. Having learned and understood these real issues we planned some activities. We prepared some fun activities, some simple physical and mental contests for both elders and kids. From each camp we visited we formed and orchestra form the camp inmates. It was our mirth to learn that their sojourn in camps at that pathetic plight turned in to an ever memorable days of happiness in their life. All of them left the camps to their homes with very happy. We succeeded in our first innovative short term project. Resilience from a traumatic situation is equally important as well as food and cloth. The other activities of our team were to give educational support to the blind students of and blinds school called INSIGHT. During the examination time we were helping them reading their texts to them and helping them prepare their braille notes. We stayed with them motivating with them until they finish their exams of every academic year. We guided them to avail all the governmental supports and benefits. Volunteering is a passionate manifestation and realization of my being. I am because I am doing for others as well as I am doing for myself.

VOLUNTEERING FOR ME Volunteering is a passionate manifestation and the realisation of my existence.

It's an act of responsibility towards the nature, fellow beings, everything that is surrounded by us and which we are responsible for. VOLUNTEERING STORY I grown up seeing my family doing social works and charity works so eventually I also started to get into this wonderful process. I feel so lucky when I'm doing my part. But later only I realized it's value, worth and how fruitful it is. Now I am doing this because I think it's my responsibility and I have to do this also it somewhat fascinating and makes me happy. In my concept there every human beings in this world has some responsibilities/an act of volunteering that has to be fulfilled. It made first person to person, society to society, or country to country. But we all do have something to do for this world before we leave. VOLUNTEERING JOURNEY Since then I settled in Kerala that was in the age of 12 or 13. I was studying 7th. Well, before moving here I was not having any such thoughts or anything, actually I don't remember if I was having anything or not. But I always loved to help others. My dad had always been into this, social work and volunteering. And eventually I also started being a part of somewhere and socially engaged. I can probably say that at the age of 13 I got into some organization and from then onwards I was able to do anything on my part now it's been six years I'm now at my 19. My volunteering period have made me realize a lot of things. I realized how greatful i am, It always made me to thank God. And I always felt so happy, productive and felt that maybe it will be a small act of ours but it can change once whole life.

PROJECT Flood relief works ORGANISATION Asar center ( Association for social and research ) MISSION & VISSION Support the people in the flood affected area.

Collecting dress materials, food stuff, and other necessary items.

Make them available to inmates of the relief camp.

Making programs for children there and to relief their stress. Also by giving them hope. PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2018 Flood Relief Works There were many organisations to cater necessary items to the relief camps. But no one was there to attend trauma that inmates were suffering. Realising the need we organised recreational and fun activities for inmates. That immensely helped inmates of relief camps, especially children and senior citizen. We could make their weeks long stay in relief camps ever memorable pleasant experience.

We were a team of 20 students. I was singing songs for them organising fun activity contests. I got the opportunity to do counseling for some of them. LENGTH OF SERVICE 16th August 2018 to 5th September 2018 and 9th August 2019 to 31st of August 2019.