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Fairoosa T - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Fairoosa is a motivated person who wishes to live every day differently. She is pursuing MSc in Microbiology at Central university of Tamil Nadu and have plans for an agricultural startup. A number of observations from 23 years of life defines her thought about a not so fair society. She has belief in the power of thoughts and the changes it can bring to the world. She dreams a world where everyone is free to do their thing equally and all the basic needs are covered. She is an NSS volunteer and had been part of many voluntary programs for social change. She is also a TGF volunteer who wishes to build herself from everything on the way.


Being a girl from an orthodox Muslim family, I am concerned about the education and future of girls like me. Unlike the men, they are never advised to get a job and be financially stable before getting married, which makes cooking and preserving a so called 'Muslim wife' culture their primary objectives in life. I have felt, once you have a dream you can go for it but what if you don't know that you have all equal rights to live a dream life. I would like to let these underprivileged girls know that they have a choice.


I would like to connect with girls from my locality, empower each other by sharing our experiences and discuss the need of being financially stable before we have somebody to depend on us. Entrepreneurship, confidence building sessions and programs that would connect these ladies with the ones who work around the world will help in bringing up their ideologies. Creating some opportunity for the unemployed women in my locality will bring smiles on so many faces I have seen in these 23 years.


I have a lady in my house who always wished to become financially stable and support her children when needed. Many factors like lack of support, knowledge and problems in execution had contributed to this situation. I know a lot of ladies who wish to be financially stable and I am myself one. Knowing the problems faced by all these women, I am concerned about the people they are grown up to inside their communities.

PROJECT: Know your rights


This project will let the women in community to know and find themselves in each other's situation. Technical support from authorities could enable employment opportunities for the unemployed. At the same time, empowering girls in a young age will make them strong from inside knowing their privileges and using them wisely.


  • To empower muslim women community, to create employment opportunities for the underprivileged women and to improve their quality of life.


  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality


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