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Fairoosa T - Selected for National Volunteers Hackathon 2021

Fairoosa is a change-maker from the palakkad district of Kerala. After completing her post-graduation in Microbiology From the Central University of Tamilnadu, she has started volunteering in Rasta, wayanad. She wishes to understand the ground realities of society through direct community experiences & plan projects accordingly. Fairoosa loves to become a full-time farmer and Agribusiness entrepreneur. Her achievements include: completion of post-graduation although from a narrow-minded community, worked as Women cell secretary, founder of Inter college Microbiology Service Club.


Iam concerned about the lower / lack of income of the rural women. Rural homemaker Women being financially dependent on men, face injustice in decision making and social status both in the family and the society.


I would like to solve this issue by encouraging homemaker women groups to do income generating activities such as Mushroom cultivation and organic farming. According to me, Becoming a financial contributor is a proved way to raise the status and respect for a women in her family and society.


As a woman, I myself know the importance of being financially independent and the ways in which we are restricted from taking decisions for ourselves and the family, because of the reason that we depend on the family men for money. lack of respect for women can lead to many other issues such as poor mental health, family disputes and above all, it is to be remembered that ' only a strong women can raise a strong younger generation'. if the Women are not empowered , so will be the future. From my observations as a person, it is an important issue to be addressed.


Krishika - sustainable livelihoods through agriculture


we plan to start a mushroom production unit in RASTA, which will provide both hands on training and employment to rural women in the nearby community. A small production unit will be set up in an existing building, which can demonstrate income generation and marketing ,thus clarify doubts of women. We will conduct research on common difficulties faced during the production such as common mushroom diseases, production costs and other necessities & will address them with the help of Krishi vigyan kendras. The research will be documented and sent to technical institutions for further conclusions. Thus, we will be making a feasibility report for the same along with generating income for rural homemaker women.


  • To improve the lives of women by rising their incomes, Encourage sustainable agriculture practices, Find out the difficulties in mushroom production through a feasibility study, and to build financial independence in rural women.


  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

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