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Ebin Thomas Babu - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Ebin Thomas Babu is A BA graduate in English with Journalism,from SB College, Changanacherry and is currently pursuing MSW in Disaster Management at Loyola College Of Social Sciences. Currently he is an Active member Of Nss unit and had internship in Mangalam And Deccan Chronicle Newspapers and Hume Organisation for Ecology and Wildlife, Wayanad.The internship experiences regarding Social Probelms in the Society made him to bring out Positive Changes for the People and Ensure their Safety.


In current scenario, it is an urgent need of the time to address the issues like sea erosion and flood in the coastal area.


To find vulnerable location in Trivandrum coastal area and build up a "mini forest" for reducing physical vulnerability of the region. The project will be done with the collective community participation


While tracing back from Kerala flood 2018 to recent cyclone TAUKTAE, more than hundreds of human death, loss of livelihood and several rehabilitation schemes has been taken place in coastal area. The life of people in the region is inconsistent with the constant disasters. So it is important to prevent such disasters in long term sustainable method.



One of the main vulnerable groups in Trivandrum district is people in coastal area fishing community. Hence, we understood that it is important to make efforts to prevent main disasters such as sea erosion and flood up to limit. In the case of prevention, natural long term methods are more effective than sea walls and tetrapod's. So we plan to develop a project which can prevent soil erosion by absorbing water through huge tree plantation, and we came to the idea of mini forest. Our initial plan is to plant several varieties of flaura with participation of community members in Trivandrum


  • To reduce the physical vulnerability of the coastal region. the objectives are; Ecological conservation, protecting the human life, reduce the cost of rehabilitation by the government, to reduce the disaster risk


  • GOAL 13: Climate Action


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