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The injustice we found is lack of awareness about volunteering and the lack of dedicated volunteers


This injustice of not having proper awareness about volunteering and lack of volunteers would cause the marginalization of people from different sectors of society.

Volunteering, for me, is all about caring to the needed ones without even they demanding it. when we focus on a particular section of society, the others remain unnoticed. we have seen that kind of negligence during the time of flood. while many people were secured with enough things like groceries, clothes, etc, some remained away from all contributions. So it's necessary to see the society without partiality.


  • The lack of proper awareness of the society about volunteering is what primarily causes this injustice.

  • Nowadays, people are living a self-centred life, we don't care much about others, we only sympathize.

  • The judgemental attitude is one of dangerous reasons.


  • lack of dedicated volunteers

  • selfish minded society

  • discouragements from community

  • lack of awareness

  • fear to raise voice against injustice

  • financial issues for volunteering


To overcome this injustice of the lack of awareness about volunteering and the lack in the number of dedicated volunteers,we will address this with providing appropriate workshops including the importance of volunteering and showing them what are the consequences if there are not enough volunteers in society.


  • We need to think what it would be like if I was in his/her place


  • Create proper awareness about volunteering.

  • Accumulate passionate and dedicated volunteers for more projects.

  • Decrease the number of marginalized people.


NAME OF TEAM: Saj foundation

TEAM MEMBERS: Favas MA & Fasna Rasheed


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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