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DigiSwasthya - The Incubated Project


Poor Health Profile of Rural India: We care about the lack of primary health care facilities in rural India because healthcare should be accessible and affordable for every individual.


Rural areas, marginalized communities, communities with no access to affordable healthcare. Earnings are used for getting health care, which otherwise could have been used for getting education. Thus, they are not able to come out of the poverty.


Govt. administrative machinery. Rural communities and marginalized sections of India, which is almost 60% of India's population. Lack of adequate funds, lack of trained manpower ex. Doctors, and to some extent lack of intent.


  • Lack of doctors

  • Lack of facilities

  • Inferior treatment

  • Expensive care

  • Poor Health Profile of Rural India:

  • Low investment in public healthcare facilities, low awareness among people regarding health, social service in rural areas at low pricing, remuneration for doctors is not as good as in private hospitals, doctors multi-role as managers instead of having the opportunity to focus only on delivering healthcare through the system, unaffordable healthcare services as complexity of issues increases, inaccessibility of hospitals in rural areas.

COMPASSIONATE INSIGHT To solve this injustice of the lack of primary healthcare services in rural India we will address the root cause lack of infrastructure and technology by establishing physical tele-clinic centres across India to provide comprehensive healthcare.


  • Making healthcare services affordable and accessible using technology for rural communities by establishing DigiSwasthya centres at 100 aspirational districts across India to impact 1 crore people.


  • Strategizing and arranging awareness campaigns to ensuring foot fall at every centre

  • Steady onboarding of expert health professionals from various fields and geographies of India

  • Opening centres at different locations of India with NGO partners and government

  • Arrangement of funds and resources by pitching about initiative in conferences and platforms

  • Generate data using EMR and analyse it to understand disease burden of rural India closely


NAME OF TEAM: DigiSwasthya

TEAM MEMBERS: Sandeep Kumar & Dr. Pallabi Roy


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 2.0

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