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Cyber Enlighten - The Incubated Project

INJUSTICE Lack of Cyber Education WHO & HOW People who are unaware of cyber crimes and who don't value their privacy are mostly the victims of the injustice. This also includes people who ignore the safety parameters and use cyberspace carelessly. It is important to address the same as the value of data is increasing day by day and online fraud cases are increasing rapidly. WHY People who are hesitant to learn about cybercrimes, and some people with intentions to create havoc for their personal benefit or for personal entertainment. ROOT CAUSES

  • Online fraud money-making companies

  • Online gambling sites and fake MLM Companies

  • Fake news spread during an emergency or pandemic crisis

  • Misinformation spread with social media as a medium

  • Trackers and other tools to cultivate data of users

  • People ignoring value of online privacy

COMPASSIONATE INSIGHT To overcome the injustice of cyber frauds, misinformation spreading and privacy policies, we will address the lack of cyber education by building a community, making a platform to report frauds and misinformation and educate people the importance of privacy. GOALS

  • Create a Tech Aware Community of Volunteers

  • Reporting and Prevention of Fraud Websites and Platforms

  • Misinformation Reporting and Fake News Prevention

  • Creating Awareness about Privacy Policies and Importance of Data

  • Provide a Platform where General Public can report

  • Take action against the reported cases


  • Build a Community

  • Provide adequate education to them

  • Deploy public platform [Application or Website]

  • Create awareness campaigns

  • Attract more people to the platform

  • Posting of cases by general public

  • Verification and reporting of cases by volunteers

  • Taking necessary actions


NAME OF TEAM: Cyber Enlighten TEAM MEMBERS: Rishi Manoj, Nishanth S


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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