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Cherian G Kazhunnady - Selected for The Social Hakathon 2.0

I am Cherian G Kazhunnady. l am B.Tech mechanical engineering student. I would like to reduce the unwanted interference of middleman in agricultural field by providing a free platform to farmers to sell their products directly to final customers


The social issue I am concerned is about the livelihood of farmers. As we all know, farmers are the backbone of the nation, they aren't treated well. They feed us. But, often their crops are wasted or not getting paid well. Many of their crops are left out, as they are not able to find potential customers. The middle man doesn't pay them the amount they deserve too. This is the social issue I am concerned about.


The answer is simple. Try to reach the products of farmers directly to the end users or customers. But, the task behind this is heavy and need a comprehensive collaboration and coordination to attain this.


Each and everyday we hear some or other news about the plight of farmers. Not only that. My father as well as some of my family members are into farming. I have seen their situation. Even though the crops are good we aren't able to find potential customers and the crops are wasted. This eventually leads to a loss. My uncle is a farmer. In the past, he has cultivated many crops. But, now he is only into dairy farming and a lot of his area in left without cultivation because of the fear of loss.

PROJECT Kissan ka Bazaar


Kissan ka Bazaar' is a project which aims to bring all the farmers under one umberalla and they can sell their products to the potential customers. Kissan ka Bazaar, will be an online platform were farmers can list their product and the expected price. Through the platform we will list this product. Any customers, who likes to buy the product can contact the farmer directly or through the volunteers of Kissan ka Bazaar.


The aims of the project are:

  • To make the capable farmers to reach out to the potential customers.

  • To improve the earnings and livelihood of farmers.