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Ayush Kumar - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I am from a small village Getlasud, 30 km away from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, this is my birth land and work land. Mission Babunia's journey so far has given me a lot of experiences and make me an emotional, Strengthfull person.

VOLUNTEERING FOR ME Volunteering is an important part of my life. I have been very active in social activities since childhood. Volunteer service is such a process in which we provide service from different ways to bring change in the society without expecting anything in return, and this is what makes volunteering special. I have learned a lot from volunteering and gained many experiences, and also understood the meaning of self-realization. During volunteering.

VOLUNTEERING JOURNEY I have been volunteering for the last 2 years. I am deeply inspired by the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, Kailash Satyarthi And PadmaShree Baba Simon oraon. VOLUNTEERING STORY It started in 2019 when I was sitting in my father's shop and at that time I realized that if any woman or teenager came there to buy sanitary pads, they would ask us to wrap them in paper. I was disturbed to see that even today in our progressive society, women and girls have to cover sanitary pads in newspapers. Then I decided to start a mission to educate and inform the school student about menstruation. I named this campaign as Mission Babunia, Babunia is a Bhojpuri word which means girlchild. Slowly this caravan progressed and emerged as a mass movement, people have given us a lot of love, due to which today we have educated more than Ten Thousands girls and women about menstruation and More than 300 needy girls and women are associated with us, who are given free sanitary pads on the 28th of every month. Along with this, pad banks have been installed in 5 schools of Jharkhand. In the situation like Lokdown, where the girls of the village had to walk 10-10KM distance to buy sanitary pads, even in that situation, we delivered sanitary pads to the girls. During this journey so far, I learned a lot, talked to thousands of girls about menstruation and understood their situation. Not only meeting girls but also meeting boys and talking to them about menstruation, all this has been a different experience for me.

PROJECT Mission Babunia- Breaking Taboos And Talking About Menstrual Hygiene ORGANISATION The Voice Of Change Campaign MISSION & VISION The main vision of this project is to educate girls and women about menstruation and at the same time break the taboos around menstruation.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION In this project, every year we organize a camp for a month in different urban areas of Jharkhand and ask people to give sanitary pads to the needy girls of the village. In the middle we work as a bridge where we got sanitary pads from the city, and we distribute in the Needy girl's of Village's and slums. Along with this, we set up pad banks in government schools so that whenever girls need sanitary pads in school, girls can take pads from pad banks for free and use them. every youth want To Do Some work for the society, but they don't have any platform. we provide them a platform where they can contribute to the society in different domains. In present, 36 volunteers are working in this project.

LENGTH OF SERVICE The starting date of the project is 29 August 2019 and its continue in present. (436Hrs)

ROLE IN PROJECT I am leading this project and adding some values with my talking skills. I have learned a lot during this project, visited many places, met many people and heard their stories. During this journey I have met a woman with whom gang rape happened. I met a girl who was fighting with her parents because she wants to play Football. I have seen the struggle of girls very closely and understood it.

IMPACT OF PROJECT During this project, we have visited more than 95 villages of Jharkhand so far, which has had a huge impact. Now many village girls talk openly about menstruation with their friends and their parents and with this they are bringing all this information in their life that how to keep themselves clean during menstruation, for how long and How to use sanitary pads and how to dispose sanitary pads. Along with this, 300 needy girls and women are associated with us, who are given free sanitary pads on 28th of every month. In future, I want to reach every girl and woman of Jharkhand and want to talk to them about menstruation.


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


  • Blessings Of Tribal and underprivileged women's

FUTURE PLANS In future, I want to meet the girls and women of different parts of Jharkhand and talk about menstruation with them and now slowly I want to take forward this project on next level on sustainable menstruation topic.

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