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Athul B - Selected for The Social Hackathon 5.0

An Electrical Engineering graduate who's utterly pessimistic and self-conscious. Would love to see the world without masks and pretentious. Lives a life without regret and accepts people for what they are and how they treat others.


Every person, irrespective of their social economic background, has an issue they don’t talk about because there is a stigma attached to it, and we provide an empathetic and non-judgemental platform to talk about those issues. By talking about these issues we try to bring people together because most stigmas - bullying, discrimination, abuse - are universal phenomenons. We propose that the first step to solving these global issues is acknowledging them and normalising them by talking about them.


We intend to talk about stigmas that give us the unique opportunity to unify people and bring them together and simultaneously talk about the most serious issues of the world that currently hold us back from a more equal, kinder and progressive world, and therefore working on SDG 5 and 10


I yearn to live in a kinder world wherein there are equal opportunities accessible to everyone. Through this initiative, I want to work on building this world


Humans of Safe Places


Humans of Safe Places is an issue agnostic platform that aims to make the world a safer and kinder place by creating social emotional awareness and creating an empathetic community of Individuals


  • On a mission to make the world a safer place, by breaking stigmas around social issues like mental health, body shaming, discrimination, queer issues and much more.


  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

Apply now for The Social HacKathon and receive $250 along with mentorship to put your ideas into action!

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