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Ashok TS - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

Ashok T. S. is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Office Management and Secretarial Practice in M.G University. Expressing his great enthusiasm in social activities, he spends a great part of his time and energy in his commitment to find out and to follow all news, information's and announcements from various governmental as well as non-governmental organisations which are relevant to the common people and to share them to the beneficiaries through an "Online Information Kiosk" associated to IDUKKI VARTHAKAL, a socially committed media enterprise in the Idukki district of Kerala.


Lack of a common platform for the common people in a local area to identify, discuss and find solutions for their own problems.


The major social information sharing system are in the hands of big giants. Be it a social media or be it a NEWS PLATFORM. We aim to give everyone a space to express their opinions. By promoting Citizen Journalism, we will be able to raise, discuss and resolve the issues of the public. Everyone will get equal space for expressing their views. Initially we started it our own district IDUKKI. We are promoting KILA's Grassroot Journalism culture.


None of the major medias are not addressing the issues of the common people. Local news are not getting any place in the media. Concerns of general public should be discussed in the public itself. They should come up with the solutions. And they should also get a chance to propose their ideas for development. The best problem solvers of an area is the people of it.



Development is not only about economic resources but also about improving people’s lives, we need to make it sustainable. Yet we keep coming back to the question of how. Before the internet age, our communication system followed the structure of ‘ONE TO MANY’, in which one producer communicated with many people. In this scheme, it was easy to identify who was the producer and who were the consumers – and that explains why journalists became information gatekeepers. Within that model, a handful of companies