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Arjun Sekhar P - Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I worked as Nasha Mukth bharath Abhiyan district Cordinator. Trivandrum was identified as a hotspot of substance abuse among 272. Districts in India by the govt of india. So the programs and activities of trivandrum district in reducing and alleviating substance abuse by creating awareness programs and coordinating master volunteers and student ambassadors selected from the school college students. All the activities are conducted by the support and collaboration with local govt body and commu ity people. Several social media campaign and anti narcotic activities activities are Coordinated as part of the project


Voulunteering is a proffesional way of dealing and being able to deal the problems of society.. For me voulunteering is something that should be done with complete passion.volunteering helps individuals to work as a team and helps in self development and improve several social skills


I have been volunteering since my degree time. And i have done degree in bachelor of social work so for that Volunteering could bring more experience and also knowledge regarding the society and also helps to develop social work skills which are required for my graduation


I have started my volunteering work after 12 th. In disha i have worked in covid pandemic time as volunteer in provide telephonic suport for the people regarfing that situationthey were not aware what was happening at that time. Provided services and linked services through state govt. Then in covid collectrate control rooom. The covid case investigation and tracking was done. As the number of patients improved daily proved contact tracing and investigation was done through collectrate control room. Then in rise up and an Ngo which works for the welfare of society in several aspect. In that i have Cordinated global climate strike which had immense participation and media attention Regarding climate action. Almost 400 people from different sectors of society participated and it become a success. Then currently am coordinating Govt of India Nasha Mukth bharath abhiyaan Project and for that am coordinating activities of Trivandrum district in control substance abuse in trivandrum. Through the participation of school students creating promotion of de addiction activities, creating voluntary groups and collaborating works with the local govt authority in Anti narcotic activities and removal of substance abuse in Trivandrum






Govt of india identified 272 District in india as highly substance abusing hotspot. And removal of these hotspot by alleviating substance abuse mainly among school children is one of the mission of the project.


The Nasha mukth bharat Abhiyaan is the project run by the govt of india along with the social justice dept. The project focuses on removal of 272 hotspot district in india which are heavy users of substance abuse. The project focuses in providing Awareness and coordinating people from the society in various strands and coordinating all of them with govt authority in tackling the situation. The participation of community members leaders and students are ensured. For that several promotions competiti