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Aparna R - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Aparna, hailing from kayamkulam ,is a vocational English graduate and currently pursuing her masters in social work- disaster management from Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum. After her under graduation, she decided to change her profession to social work as her admiration lies in improving outcomes of people's lives. She wants to help people cope with the challenges they are facing in their life and to ensure that vulnerable people are safeguarded from harm. She was an active volunteer during flood time in kerala and she is an NSS volunteer too. She has done her internships at Alleppey Diocesan Charitable and Social Welfare Society, Radio Neythal 107.8, and Sneharam, Anjengo.


Anjengo is a tiny coastal village of Thiruvananthapuram, which is surrounded by Kadinamkulam Kayal in the east and The Arabian Sea in the west. Sea erosion and coastal flooding are the major problems they have been facing for the last 7 years . Day by day it is becoming threat to the land and lives of the people of Anjengo. But there is no proper solution has been made yet.


  • To construct a Mangrooove nursary by collecting Mangroove saplings from Kallen Pokkudan Mangroove Tree Trust.

  • To plant Mangrooves in Anjengo area to resist the sea erosion and coastal flooding

  • To involve the youths of Anjengo in planting. And this will help them to have an awareness about their problems and the importance of environment protection.


Because day by day the land of Anjengo area is depleting, and it affects the livelyhood and life of the people of this area. And as a result their poverty increased. To have a better life for them the land of Anjengo should be protected properly. And there are many dropouts in this area. By involving them in this programme, their standard and importance of education improves a lot. And moreover that, we are human beings, it's our duty to protect our environment . Without environment, there is no life.



To save Anjengo area from sea erosion and coastal flooding by constructing a Mangroove nursery by collecting plants from kallen pokkudans mangroove tree trust and to plant Mangrooves in the area of Anjengo to protect this area from their dangerous situation. To involve the youths of this area into this programme.


  • To save the people of Anjengo from sea erosion and coastal flooding and by involving the youths of anjengo area which help them to know about the importance of knowledge


  • GOAL 13: Climate Action


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