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Amal P Mohan - Champion - Social Volunteer Awards 2020

I prefer to be an inspiration rather than influence. I believe my will to Reform will definitely touch the society. I wish to be a spark which ultimately will light everyone's mind. Being a learner for life is my motto. I am trying my best to aid the needy and be there for them as much as I can. Presently, I am serving as an Altruist engineer and as a social engineer. My fortes vary from being a vocalist to being an educator. My nature to adapt to changes is my strength. I always work to be Resourceful and promising young talent.


My volunteering journey started with scouts at 5th standard and also enabled me in acquiring the Esteemed Rajya Puraskar. 7th and 9th standard there was a project which was conducted for acquiring the historical details about our village which was named as"Charitranweshana yaatrakal" qualified me in acquiring great success in the year 2007 and 2009 from Kerala Council for historical research. In my HSS I have served as the NSS Volunteer Secretary and have obtained the chance to participate in the projects such as "Jalaayanam" and "Swandananidhi" which qualified me as a nominee for state awards. Which in turn led me for acquiring the NIC selection at Arunachal Pradesh in the year 2011-2012. At this period I also obtain the chance to lead the NSS seven day camp namely "Home for the Homeless" which earned as the chance for helping and economically backward classmates by providing them with a home. Coming to my B Tech at first I acquired great privilege by getting the chance to serve as the NSS volunteer secretary allowing me to take part and even leading many NSS technical cell volunteering programs. Programs like "Punarjjani 2016 -2018 ", "Genesis", state adventure camp, Training of Trainers workshop (TOT) Send me the post of NSS technical cell FO and WPTC Calicut FO work helped me in making there punarjjani camp the second best camp in Kerala. In 2017 I was honoured for be able to serve as the NIC Hyderabad Kerala contingent leader which I am very proud off and later give me a chance for working towards the Telangana tribal Colony children's education. All these achievements let me to become a 2018 SRS Aultrist engineer in India and then onwards am serving as the Social Skill promoter for SRS and also am serving for the progress of autistic, MR and differently abled adults both men and women. I also got a chance for serving in the palliative medicine, I lab, TGF, flood relief camp both 2018 & 2019 as volunteer co-ordinator, covid-19 and disaster management. In spite of all this I am conducting monitoring tutions for economically weak students and in the last four years I have been conducting comparative and personality development training sessions and workshops for HSS, PTC, B Tech and parallel college students which also enabled me in building a trainers pool & Educational club in my village.


My volunteering journey started with the scout at school father leading to plus two NSS, Palliative care ,some local club and at last the NSS technical cell which paved my path for gaining the chance to work for SRS,I lab and TGF, Which is an overall span of 14 years. The source of my inspiration which led me here where's my mother, as I have grown up seeing her volunteering. She is the entity which I follow and yearn to become. She have worked for health department, palliative care, women empowerment, sex education and teenage training which led her to received the first PHN Award from the Government of Kerala. The talk which are dealing with the social crisis are always a part of our daily life which enabled an enriched me in understanding the true meaning of volunteering.

So the environment that is grew in led me to the life which I am leading and I am proud of it.


Volunteering for me is selflessly serving by discovering our need in the society and also aiming to reflect the personality development which we acquire through these for the development of the society by providing it with literacy, basic necessities etc..

"Satisfaction in me and Happiness in others " ie, The service should come as happiness and help for others providing me with gratification.


ഞങ്ങൾക്കും പറയാനുണ്ട്


We smile vocational training at placement centre for Differently abled (above 18)


To empower the differently abled people for life and enabling them to live their life with dignity and respect through vocational training. Making it change in the typically use "differently- abled" to "definitely abled". we look forward to is enabling them to do their own basic requirements such as cleaning, washing etc by themselves. This will help them in acquiring self dependency and also make their life easier. Along with this we also dream to step forward in educating the society and family about the disabled and breaking unnecessary myth about the disabled. Providing better awareness for society and family can improve their life and will ease them.


The projects deal with differently abled, MR, the ladies and men rate Autistic and the problems they are facing and the society is facing while approaching them. It also include session which enables them to overcome their own problems by the capacity of their own will power. One of the most important aspect is that they are given training which help them in doing their own basic requirements. One of the most important things that we all forget is that we should provide them with respect and also treat them as an equal which in turn will boost their self confidence and thus making them see that they are not disabled but differently abled. All these led us to this project. For reaching the objectives mention above about 30 participants selected from Calicut. Along with these volunteers I travel 14 districts of Kerala making others and themselves aware about there their talent and capacity. This led to making them self-aware and making them self enabled in doing their basic requirements own their own which in turn helped them live a normal life like others. Through these days they word separated from their guardians and it traveled and stayed along with volunteers throughout the state. They are also participated and performed different skit prepared by us linking different art forms of Kerala. The skit was performed at various important places at each district. Also various interactive sections was also held. Throughout all these I got to work in coordination team, leading stage committee, training, helping them with their basic needs and also enabling them to do them on their own. The idea for music therapy which was conducted was contributed by me and the entire training session taken by me I trained all the participants individually about 40 days. For this training for improving their timing and rhythm work conducted. Through the training that lasted almost 3 months we paid individual attention for each and everyone and also by accepting their behaviors we tried to bring changes to it. Which may be the first ever innovative project that had been conducted in Kerala weather even in India. There were seven mentors including me through out the program. The main thing to keep in mind is that the people who attended the program was those who never left their homes and also majority of them were unable to do their own primary needs by their own. So this project was a great deal considering both the parties. For this purpose important facilities were already located beforehand. We have also been in touch with different social workers and district authority members.


  • The project was carried out in two Phases

  • First phase was the Training for Participants, Achieving their co-ordination, Timing, Property making , Program scheduling & arrangements like Publicity ,Venue , Guests, Accommodation & Interactive sessions. It takes 40 days of training This phase was starts on 2nd August 2019 to 15th September 2019

  • The second phase was to conduct the event. Kasrgod to Thiruvanathapuram all kerala journey. Total duration was the event is 18 days. I served for the entire project, about 700 hours


The role that had been entrusted to me was as a trainer. It was a pleasant and different experience. I am so made them go through music therapy using various rhythms. Music has always been sold cleansing and it do not have the boundaries of languages and people. Music is universal language. It helped them improve their physical and mental health. This music therapy System was my own idea. This was an innovative program which cheered them up. Several other stage programs were held. I along with others provided them with program makeup, I also took part in skit direction and stage control. I also took care of their basic needs, cared for them and equipment. I also led these programs. I also became the coordination team member. I got several chance to implement my own skills during this project. My music skills added me in during music therapy. My previous experiences and contacts helped me a lot in arranging food stay guests etc. My technological skills also came in handy during the production of properties. My coordination skills and previous palliative skills help me a lot in this project. According to me this project was very beneficial to me also. It help me broaden my experiences and knowledge. It was a project which help me improve my personal skills. I feel that I have developed a lot from experiencing this. I got to learn how to take care of people with autism, how to train and study about their behaviours etc. I got to learn how to interact with people of several departments. I got to know about their reality and how they are treated by other people. I got to know how and fairly they are treated like they even have to undergo sex abuse. This equally made me sad and also helped me a lot in learning and knowing about them. This knowledge’s can further help me help other people in need just like them. They also have to face cheating in the name of Charity. This all helped me to be enlightened. This project also helped me to improve my leading skills. And most of all I gained the knowledge to look after a disabled person.


This project has various impacts on the society. Nearly 8 people secured jobs at organizations such as OYO and IKAYEES. It had a great impact in the society as several lacks of people attended the activity and their perspective about disabled people have changed drastically thus leading to their attitude change towards disabled people.

Search children word taught to react and say No against exploitation. We enabled them to do their basic requirements own their own which made them independent. They got acceptance and consideration from family which is a great support for them and their family began to be known because of them. A lot prominent people helped and begin to bring changes in the future. They have proposed a great deal of plans for the for the development of disabled people and in helping them. Mr Boby Chemmanur has proposed an idea for hostel facility where the disabled can stay and study. Also All Kerala Beared society shared an idea to built a restaurant for autistic children's. They were also offered with different job scope. This were the benefits of the project.

As this project was a success throughout the state we further plan to bring out more autistic people for releasing them of their miseries and into the world making them independent. We are planning to start offices in each district thus moving forward to bring the vision of changing the name" differently abled to definitely abled"


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

  • GOAL 4: Quality Education, GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality


  • Award winner in 2007 & 2009 under Kerala council for Historical Research

  • Got selection in Kerala zonal cricket team in 2011 & 2013

  • Selected for National youth festival & National Integration camp 2011-12 at Arunachal pradesh.

  • Selected for National Integration camp at Telagana in 2016 under NSS technical cell.

  • Awarded Altruist Engineer under Social Research Society.

  • Best volunteer coordinator Award for conducting Punarjjani state camp 2016.

  • Social skill promoter under research society.


Creating an NGO with the pool of volunteers formed. I I think The gulmohar foundation and ISV can mentoring me to creating the NGO with the pool of volunteers I wish to learn the programme designing more effectively. I wish to Provide better education for financially backwards students make more socially committed person to the society. TGF & ISV can supporting us to expanding the educational programme for financially backwards students. My ultimate goal is to work for Autistic children for make them confident, self sufficient individuals, to bring them beneficial for themselves and for the society. also empower the differently abled people for life and enabling them to live their life with diginity, respect and increase the job opportunities.


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