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Aliyath Sumayya KY - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Aliyath Sumayya KY is a professional social work trainee pursuing MSW from Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum. She is a feminist and activist for empowering LGBTQIA+ community. She chose Social work as profession for the effective and scientific engagement in social problems. She is actively participating in various platforms to raise her voice against gender discrimination and other social issues, and also conduct various programs for their upliftment. Her major purpose is equality among people.


Gender discrimination in society. Gender discrimination is the biggest and one of the deepest social issue. The whole social system also strengthening the male Chauvinist attitude of people. The people practice the discrimination in their consciousness and also unconscious mind. The women, LGBTQIA+ community are the victims of gender discrimination for centuries.


Change in social attitude is only the solution to remove gender discrimination in society. Provide proper awareness and helping the people to empower themselves. We have various legislation to help the women and LGBTQIA community. But we need also new legislation for LGBTIQ+ community. Social Action for women and LGBTQIA communtiy and provide various training programs are few ways to solve the gender discrimination. Social awareness is necessary. I'm planning to provide various opportunity for the marginalized people to realize their strength and their empowerment.


I am a woman. I also experienced the discrimination from family, school and society. I believe that each and every underprivileged people facing discrimination every day. Many people, especially women having skill, ability and intelligence to flowering their lives. But the stupid social system ruining the skills and their lives end in four walls of house. The whole people are human being. Thy have freedom and rights to live with dignity. Equality is attained only after ruining these gender discriminations. I need equality. So I'm concerned about gender discrimination in society.



  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality

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