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Akhila Sara Vincent - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Akhila Sara Vincent is a 16-year-old girl who wants to remove injustices and makes a peaceful, righteous world. She is studying in Plus Two, Siddhartha Central School, Kollam. She is a member of various organisations and also services as a leader. She is searching for various social opportunities and is also doing social activities. She is a blood coordinator at Iris Foundation and is a union leader at Akhila Kerala Balajasakhyam. She had been the Head Girl of her School and leader at various school clubs and projects. Now she is doing social activities such as crowdfunding for those in need and coordinating awareness programs. She has certain ideas to bring changes in this society. Through this Social Hackathon, she mainly focuses on building a community to remove inequality and being a help for those who seeks justice.


Social Inequality is something which I have been watching since my childhood. Gender Inequality is mostly seen. I want to make a change. The change must starts from our homes. Even the smallest unequal treatment must be changed. Most of the people think that they treat their children equally without any gender bias, but the reality is that certain bias is taking place because of the influence of religion and society.


No one is backward. Only the society created it. I will make a community for this, especially the suppressed one. Then I will make a target. And will include each member's house mates in it. We will conduct awareness programs which should include some practical moves. They should understand about those unnoticed biases. We should also make an area wise help desk where the people can approach when they face any kind of bias and help them to legally move forward if needed. Should also give media publicity for unnoticed bias in our society. I believe that this can be a great revolution.


I am concerned because I am a living being. I live in this society. My dream is to spread love throughout this world. I want to remove all those injustices and evils from this world. I am also a victim for bias on the basis of my gender, outlook and age.



This project is meant to remove the social bias. We start from the fundamental unit of the society. There are a lot of unnoticed bias in this society. We have to uncover it before this world. Make the people understand that unknowingly they are showing the difference. To provide justice, and to make out a well-balanced society.


  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality


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