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Aiswarya Lakshmi PV - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

I am Aiswarya lakshmi, from Thrissur District (kodugallur), I completed my graduation in English literature and currently doing my postgraduation in MSW. I wish all individuals in the society should be able to chaise their dreams equally and move forward and get equal opportunities and equal dignity. Their caste, religion, gender should never apply to restrict their own dreams.


Queer Friendly Schools in Kerala


We are planning to first analyse the queer coming out in school or the dilemma of the students who identify themselves as queer or have a fluidity in their school days even after the State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala, 2015. After analysing the gap between the policy and the implementation we will be interacting with the teachers management and the incumbents of the school who suffer without proper infrastructure and patriarchal binary heteronormative environment. After analysing and giving proper awareness to the management including teachers and the incumbents of the issue, we will be addressing the same to the Transgender Cell, Social Justice Department and the Social Justice Minister followed by Education Department of the State of Kerala. We will continue with the project after building a gender neutral toilet and counselling centres in schools for the students to talk and to come out of their sexuality and gender.


In the State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala , 2015 it was mentioned that there will be proper infrastructure for the school students to come out and for safe environment. But till this day no school in Kerala gas a proper infrastructure. Moreover, majority of the transgender people in Kerala as per the survey conducted by Sangama in 2015 says that they have dropped out their school at class 9. This is because of a transphobic homophobic environment in school. We want a Change in it and the education system should be more inclusive.


SOGIESC Friendly Schools - Analysis of the State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala, 2015