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Ahammed Mirza S - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Adv. Ahammed Mirza , completed his LLB from Government Law College, Trivandrum. Currently, practising lawyer at Kollam Bar Association. During the studies, he was eager to express the concern over the injustice that prevailed in the society. Also, actively conducted programs in providing awareness about the basic fundamental rights available to the common people of the society.


Under trail prison inmates in India and long pending cases in India . 69% of prison inmates in Indian jails are under trails . Cases pending in courts in India.

Supreme Court : above 59000

High courts : above 44 lakh

Lower Court: 3.14 crore


Basis awareness of the Supreme law of the land, "Constitution of India" to common people in their regional language, so that they can easily know their rights, especially fundamental rights and also free legal aid with the motive of helping illiterate people.


Justice delayed is Justice denied

PROJECT Adalat Talks


Giving basic awareness to the common public about the Supreme law of the land - Constitution of India, providing free legal aid to the marginalized communities where they can manage to understand their basic fundamental rights.


  • Community with legal awareness

  • Easy access to justice

  • Free legal aid


  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

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