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Adithyan S - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

A Social Work professional, working with Teach for India, trying to bridge educational inequities in the country. Works as a teaching fellow, handling a class of 3rd-grade students in one of the corporation schools in Chennai. Dreams of an India in which each child gets the opportunity to get quality education and acquire holistic development in their life. Wish to see compassion and empathy evolving as the basic value in every human being on earth, growing into a safer and better world where everyone is equal, and every voice is equally heard.


Working with a community or underprivileged children, studying in one of the corporation schools in Chennai city, I'm deeply concerned about the educational inequity as well as the socio-cultural poverty that these kids and their families face. Ranging from poor quality education to lack of proper sanitation and health facilities and meager social capital, the issues that their children face are numerous. Bridging the educational gap is one of many issues that I work with. During this perilous pandemic period, the number of issues are multiplying every day here


As a teacher I work closely with these kids and their families. I'm planning to sort out one major and important issue that they face with and design a working project which can help them sustain and have a better life with.


I'm concerned because being a citizen of this country which promises equality,liberty and justice to all it's citizens, it is a deep pain to see these promises are not met equitably leading to the holistic development of all stratas of the society. Hence, being a budding social work professional I consider it as my duty to work towards these issues and find possible solutions as per my capacity and capabilities.

PROJECT: Project Educate India


Building a community of self helping and mutually motivating individuals through basic education and required knowledge for their holistic development as better individuals and citizens of this country.


  • Provide quality education to children.

  • Mutual learning through peer education.

  • Setting up a community centre for Adult education.

  • Build better Livelihood opportunities for the youth.


  • GOAL 4: Quality Education


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