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Abhishek Kumar - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

Myself Abhishek a recent graduate from NIT Hamirpur (H.P) in Chemical engineering branch. I just recently graduated from college. However, I did fall into a so many extra curricular activities like working with NSS, Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Literacy Mission as Volunteer/members, about leadership role when I was volunteering with a local women's shelter. My experiences as founder I have organised 4+ events form 2020 to 2021 May.I have my own organisation which is focus on Quality Education/women empowerment/health for the rural parts of India. I have organised many campaigns related health/SDGs/sanitation/tree plantation in rural parts of Uttar Pradesh. I have gathered good communication skills, leadership skills and I have also learnt to present my ideas in front of people. One of my greatest achievements through these social works was that I have learn to work towards and achieve my aims with great commitment and perseverance. I have done team project with my colleagues and invited many Public figures/UN Diplomats/Celebrity to a Asia prestigious events also.

And while in this process it was very fantastic to handling dealing with real life problems.I have learnt a lot and still exploring.


The determination of Being able to help and serve the Society as per needed, according to the situation to reduce their sufferings and miseries. To create happy faces all around the area where we works progressively to large scale areas, with full passion to serve the people without any cost. In simple words it's something which makes you a better person. You learn to think about others before you think about yourself. You understand the harsh realities of life.


So I have working from since my college time it's around 4 years now.So I belongs to a small place where people are so poor, not having good educated, poverty are the main root cause and so many problems. When I reach my college there I feel let's go on to social work side and there journey started I have work with many organisations and still now I am teaching weekly to my village giving them quality education. I want to inspire and empower my people when small kids reached to me they are simply don't know about anything college , career I know education is the only one to motivate and inspire them to become what they want in life. My inspiration is my mother who always want me to help others and I my mother is the reason of getting into social things.

VOLUNTEERING STORY So I have stated volunteer since from my college days we have one organization i.e Literacy Mission where we gave education to the poor students and it's college groups students who is serving quality education to unprivileged students.

I have also worked for so many social campaigns like save child labour an ngo of Delhi based. I have also part of NSS during college time there I have worked for 3 years and apart from that I have worked for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. After doing so many volunteer activities Me and my friends were thinking let's do something for our society.

Then We have started with helping labours and poor wage peoples during epidemic and now we are helping rural areas with enhanced education reach, availability of clean water and youth empowerment through skill development, entrepreneurship and education.

Being from various domains academically, socially and economically-brings us more advantage as we have good strong hold on ground level work as well as are aware of ground reality of upcoming future technology. We with our knowledge, team work and social participation along with their co-ordination are determined to bring joy and satisfaction by our work This is our ultimate SANNKALP!!! So me and my team have raised a fund of 4 lakh for Ration distribution in Pandemic when the whole country is in lockdown. We helped 600+ families by providing ration to them.

We have done so many campaigns initiative like :-

1. Ration Distribution during Lockdown and in Bihar Flood also.

2. Cleanliness Campaign in Gomti River Lucknow

3. Cricket Competition

4. Road Safety Awareness

5. Free Sannkalp Library