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Interested to join our team and get connected to opportunities?

Social Solutions India is creating a platform for social volunteers and organizations to network, collaborate & initiate social projects to bring sustainable changes in the society. We guide youth volunteers to create & lead projects that address the injustice in their community. Volunteers will receive tools, training, mentorship and initial startup funding of $250 to put their ideas into action in collaboration with Peace First, global incubator of youth-led social change. 

  • Rebrand yourself as The Social Captain

  • Network with like-minded volunteers and organisations

  • Get mentorship, guidance and funding to undertake social projects

  • Opportunity to pitch project and receive $250 to put your ideas into action with support of Peace First

  • Get connected with social opportunities and organisations at national and international level

  • Access to international/national sessions/workshops/hackathons/summits/conferences

  • Collaborate and work together with changemakers

  • Opportunity to do Internship/Fellowship with CAPTAINS

  • Represent CAPTAINS Social Solutions in events, summits and conferences

  • Showcase your initiatives and story to the world through our website and social media platforms.

  • Grab your Social Experience and Membership Certificates

  • Opportunity to apply as The Youth Ambassador


Interested to get updates from CAPTAINS Social Solutions?

Register here to become a part of our tribe and get access to our WhatsApp Info Group.

Apply for Internship/Fellowships

If you wish to undertake Internships and Fellowships at CAPTAINS, do mail us on or connect with us on +919496170125


  • Any registered members can undertake Internship with CAPTAINS based on their skill-set and field of interest.

  • Duration of the Internship can be chosen by Intern.​

  • Receive guidance from expert team of CAPTAINS

  • Receive Certificate of Internship upon completion


  • Interns and registered Executive Members can undertake Fellowship at CAPTAINS based on projects.

  • Duration of Fellowship depends on the project.

  • Receive Mentorship from expert team of CAPTAINS

  • Receive Certificate of Fellowship and Goodies 

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