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The Volunteer Awards 2022

The Volunteer Awards 2022 is an honorary national volunteering award to recognise youth volunteers for their commitment towards promoting volunteerism among youth in India.

The Volunteer Awards 2022 will recognise 10 Inspiring Youth Volunteers for their dedication to motivate and engage youth to take up the challenge to change our world. The awardees will receive memento, certificate, capacity development training, personalized mentorship, funding-assistance, resources, networking, value-based collaboration and goodies. During the award ceremony on International Volunteers Day, we will also appreciate 100 Passionate Youth Volunteers for their volunteering efforts in the community.

The Volunteer Awards is an initiative of #EveryIndianVolunteering Campaign by Captains Social Foundation. The campaign aims to promote volunteerism and empower youth through Youth Engagement, Community Empowerment and Capacity Development. Our mission is to enable youth to engage in the community, empower them to enhance their capacity, and encourage them to create and lead social initiatives. Being a part of the campaign we encourage youth to engage at least 8 hours a month in community development initiatives. We are introducing a unique volunteer tracking platform to appreciate, reward and accredit volunteers.

Eligibility & criteria

  • Should be a citizen of India.

  • Should be of age group 13 to 30 years.

  • Should have volunteered a minimum of 8 hours per month

Evaluation criteria

  • Details of volunteering activity organised during "Proof of Volunteering"

  • Total number of volunteering hours in the current year.

  • Total number of volunteers engaged in the current year.

  • Total number of volunteering activities in the current year.

  • Total number of beneficiaries impacted through the volunteering activity

  • Level of Sustainability & Innovative approach of the volunteering activity

  • Quality of evidence provided through application, images, documents, newspapers, links etc.

Selection Procedure

  • Apply through Phase 1 Application Form

  • Organise volunteering activities in your community for a month

  • Update previous volunteering activities in 2022

  • Online Interview and Project presentation.

Step-by-Step Process


  • All volunteers interested to apply for the awards should register through the Phase 1 Application form.

  • The selection committee will conduct an initial screening of all applications and will undergo a conversation with selection committee.

  • The selected applicant will be notified about the further procedures through WhatsApp.

  • The volunteer profile of all selected applicants will also be uploaded on the Instagram page of Captains Social Foundation to seek the public opinion. The selected applicants can share their profiles to well-wishers, but Voting/Like is not a criterion for the selection to next short-list.


  • The selected applicants then need to organise various volunteering activities in their community within a timeline of 30 Days - Proof of Volunteering (POV)

  • The selected applicant should forward the details of the initiatives, volunteers and hours of volunteering. The project details will be reviewed by the selection committee.

  • All volunteers of the initiatives will receive Certificate of Volunteering.

  • After successful completion of Phase 2, the selected applicants will be recognised as - primary shortlisted nominee. They will be notified about the further procedures through WhatsApp.


  • The primary-shortlisted nominees should submit their Phase 3 Application through our Volunteer Tracking and Accreditation Platform.

  • They should update the details of their previous volunteering activity including the name of initiative, description, no. of volunteers, average volunteering hours, partner organisations, average no. of beneficiaries and the details of reference person.

  • The selection committee will review the details and shortlist top 25 primary-shortlisted nominees to the pool of final-shortlisted nominees.


  • At the Final Online Interview & Presentation, the Final-shortlisted nominees will be presenting their volunteering activities to our expert panel of juries.

  • The presentation should include details of their Phase 2, Phase 3 and Future Plans in promoting volunteerism.


  • At International Volunteers Day 2022, the top 10 Champions of The Volunteer Awards will be announced at the award ceremony.

  • All nominees of the award will be appreciated through certificate based on the following categories:

- Top 10 Volunteers (Champions) - Certificate of Excellence

- Top 25 Volunteers (Final Short-listed) - Certificate of Recognition

- Top 100 Volunteers (Primary Short-listed) - Certificate of Appreciation

  • All volunteers of #EveryIndinVolunteering Campaign, who had completed 100 Hours of Volunteering will receive - National Volunteer Accreditation Certificate

  • All youth who had volunteered in the "Proof of Volunteering" initiative of the nominees will receive - Certificate of Volunteering

(The number of certificates in all categories are subject to changes based on the number of application received for The Volunteers Awards 2022)

Selection cycle

September 15: Application Opens

October 15: Application Closes

October 15 - November 15: Proof of Volunteering

November 15: Review by Expert Panel

December 5: Announcement of Champions​

The awards ceremony will be on 5th December, 2022 at Kochi, Kerala





Approved Fund

The Volunteer Awards 2022

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