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Who We Are

Captains Social Foundation is a youth-led Non-for-Profit Organisation, working with an objective of creating young changemakers and empowering youth initiatives. We are on a mission to promote volunteerism through Capacity Development, Youth Engagement and Community Empowerment.


Problem Statement: Lack of youth engagement in community development

Solution: Creating an ecosystem for youth to be an active global citizen

- Enable the creativity of youth to engage in their community

- Empower the skills of youth to enhance their capacity

- Encourage youth to create and lead social initiatives

What We Do

  • We are a one-stop destination for youth to ideate, design, executive & outreach social initiative.

  • We incubate ideas, evaluate solutions & act as a support system to enhance the growth and impact of social issues and  initiatives.

  • We are enhancing the capacity, potential and creativity of youth to address social issues and to create sustainable impact in the society.

  • We believe in youth and invest in them by providing tools and skills, connecting them with like-minded volunteers & organisations and sharing their stories and impact to the world.

  • We are looking forward to bridging the gap between opportunities, volunteers and organisations.

  • We are creating an inclusive sustainable ecosystem for social volunteers and organizations, through practising and promoting initiatives addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


How we support:
We are creating a platform for youth to network, collaborate and undertake social initiatives to bring sustainable changes in the society. We guide youth  to create & lead projects that address the injustice in their community. Volunteers will receive tools, training, mentorship and funding assistance to put their ideas into action.

Why we work with youth:
At CAPTAINS, we know that when youth get involved in their communities, things change for the better. We have consistently seen evidence of this truth over the past several years. Through their actions, these youths have become empowered with the confidence, skills, and knowledge necessary to effect important change.

Of course, while volunteering makes us better, it makes the world better, too. The estimated 1 billion people worldwide who volunteer each year create a collective expression of civic engagement that builds community cohesion and resilience that is fundamental to making a better life for us all. It is imperative, perhaps now more than ever, that CAPTAINS use its voice and influence to actively and continuously promote a global narrative that substantiates and sustains this effort.

We also know that leadership plays a critical role in creating and sustaining environments that enable greater and more effective volunteering. We believe that volunteer leaders, be they individuals or organizations, are critical to supporting, valuing, and developing volunteering at the national and regional levels. These leaders maintain active relationships and partnerships with volunteer involving organizations, governments, corporations, and institutions. They are the convenors of myriad local organizations in the communities they serve, harnessing the power for collective action, and promoting the role of volunteering at the local and societal level.

These leaders – and volunteers in general – are the world’s advocates, activists, and change-makers.
Our mission centres on ensuring that volunteers are safe and supported in their work and allowed to become recognized as legitimate and important actors in achieving a just and sustainable world

What We D0

Social Workshops

Knowledge Sessions

Summits & Conferences

Volunteer Training

Motivational Talks

Social & Cultural Camps

Social Volunteering

Organisational Fellowships

Project Toolkit & Resourses

Community Internships

Social Courses & Jobs

Field Experts & Faculties

Project Funding

Project Mentorship

Project Management

Project Designing

Project Coordination

Volunteer Management

Organisation Structure

By-laws & Policies

Project Management

Organisation Registration 

Organisation Governence

Volunteer Management

Social Research

Event Communication

Media & Publicity

Project Documentation

Social Media Outreach

Content Writing

Event Photography

Website Development

Mental Health & Counselling

Event Documentary

Design & Creative Works

Youth Capacity Development

Palliative & Health Care

Sustainable Mensturation

Environment Conservation

Skill Development Training

Climate Change 

Gender Equity & LGBTQ+

Agriculture & Farming

Sex Education


Sustainable Tourism

Waste Management


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