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Who we are

Captains Social Foundation is a youth-led Non-Profit Organisation,  promoting volunteerism and empowering youth. We are working with an objective of creating young changemakers through Youth Empowerment, Community Engagement and Capacity Development.

We are building an inclusive-sustainable-innovative ecosystem for volunteers to ideate, design, execute and outreach, youth-led social initiatives. We provide youth with capacity development training, mentorship, leadership, funding-assistance, resources, tools, networking, value-based collaboration & stories of change

We provide


We provide capacity development training to ideate social initiatives and empower the skills of youth

Funding Assistance

We provide funding ($250) and fundraising assistance to develop and sustain social initiatives through our networks and partner organisations.


We provide personalised one-to-one mentorship to incubate the ideas and to enhance their capacity of youth.


We provide opportunity for youth to get connected with like-minded volunteer, change-makers and organisations to promote volunteerism and support social initiatives.


We provide platforms for youth to exhibit their leadership skills and encourage them to engage & lead social initiatives in the community.


We outreach stories to promote youth volunteerism and to gain exposure through featuring on our website and social media platforms.


We provide toolkits, worksheets, strategic materials to design social initiatives and to enable the potential of youth.


We believe in the value of collaboration and support youth and organisations in the ideation, design, execution, coordination and outreach of social initiatives.


To create young change-makers through capacity development, youth empowerment, and community engagement.


To build an inclusive-sustainable-innovative ecosystem for youth to ideate, design, execute, coordinate and outreach youth-led initiatives that address social issues in their community.

We are a one-stop destination and platform for youth to:





Reimagining Volunteerism

Reimagining volunteerism is a concept that aims to change the way we think about and approach volunteerism. It involves looking at new and innovative ways to create opportunities for people to volunteer, and also to explore new ways of addressing global issues through volunteering. This could include new forms of volunteerism such as virtual volunteering, new areas for volunteerism such as social entrepreneurship, and new partnerships between different sectors to increase the impact of volunteerism. Reimagining volunteerism also aims to make volunteering more inclusive, so that people from all backgrounds and walks of life can get involved, and leverage technology to enhance and expand the impact of volunteering. The ultimate goal of reimagining volunteerism is to make it more effective and efficient in addressing the global challenges and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The concept of Reimagining volunteerism is highlighted by the need to fully integrate volunteering into the development agenda to better address today’s most pressing challenges and to recognize the current state and future potential of volunteering. It also highlights the need to create new, innovative and next-generation models of volunteering, foster inclusivity, measure volunteering to contribute to a holistic understanding of engagement in SDG implementation, and ensure the safety, security, and well-being of volunteers.

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